Thursday, March 31, 2011

IssueLab Likes LikeMinded - A Lot!

Exciting news! The Craigslist Foundation has launched a new website aimed at helping community activists share stories of success, failure, and best practice, and IssueLab's collection of nonprofit knowledge is an integral part of it!

The site, LikeMinded -- an online tool for offline action, officially launched today. The site focuses your attention first on broad social policy issues -- Arts, Health, Education, Crime & Safety, Environment, Economy, Government, Community. However, in just a click you find yourself dealing with social policy on the ground -- local stories, unique perspectives, and supporting resources.

Speaking of resources....chances are very good that you will find an IssueLab-hosted research report under every LikeMinded category. This IssueLab/LikeMinded data partnership is just one example of how IssueLab makes the findings and analysis of the nonprofit sector discoverable and accessible to those who seek it.

So when you get a chance, give LikeMinded a look-see. Post a story, read a story, get a new/expanded/different perspective on activism and community.

And a special note to IssueLab Research Contributors: Sharing just one or two reports through IssueLab and yet you have dozens more reports that you could share? Consider this your motivational blog post! Add more/all of your sought-after research, and let us help you get it in front of the people who can use it!

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