Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our KM Toolbox and Social Source Commons

This is a cross-post from the Social Source Commons Blog, where Matt Garcia recently wrote about IssueLab and Knowledge Mobilization.

In case you haven't yet, check out Social Source Commons. It's a great resource and:
"a place to share lists of software tools that you already use, gain knowledge and support, and discover new tools. It’s a place to meet people with similar needs and interests and answer the question: what tools do they use?"
IssueLab recently used Social Source Commons to compile a set of tools that are helpful for Knowledge Mobilization. This includes many free online tools that our staff uses for both internal (collaboration) and external (dissemination) purposes. Matt writes that,
"I thought this was an interesting toolbox in that many organizations, nonprofit and otherwise are constantly combing the internet in some kind of fashion for information and data related to their work. Each has its own technique of capturing relevant information and sites. Whether it is using Delicious bookmarks or covering a wall in Post-It notes, it's valuable and important to take a step back to see how your organization is collecting and storing data and resources that are organizationally relevant."
Continue reading the entire post and check out our KM Toolbox here!

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