Monday, February 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

IssueLab is pleased to announce the winner of the Research Remix video contest!

Contestants were asked to remix facts or data from one of over 300 openly licensed research reports on the IssueLab website into a video. At launch for Open Access Week 2009 and throughout the submission deadline, the contest generated lots of buzz and interest from nonprofit and video communities alike.

Our congratulations go to Erin Costello and her video remix "Girls Risk High Morals: Online," featuring research by the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Initiative. Judge Allison Fine (Senior Fellow at Demos) notes that "the video creators have combined riveting visual images with a dramatic narrative to forcefully impact the viewer on the dangers of the online world for girls."

Thank you to Research Remix participants for sharing their creative interpretation of research on pressing social issues. The video is available under a Creative Commons license, open for use and remixing (for noncommercial purposes) by anyone!

Additional thanks go to the panel of judges, to Creative Commons and the Public Library of Science, as well as the many promoters and supporters that spread the word about this unique opportunity giving voice to nonprofit research.

P.S.: There are still many more contest packages with t-shirts to give away, so we encourage any additional submissions to the Vimeo Research Remix channel! If you've got remixed media and can incorporate openly licensed nonprofit research, share your art and views with everyone!

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