Friday, December 11, 2009

Geotagtastic Subcategoodness!

We are very excited to share a couple of new ways to view our collection, each adding a new perspective on nonprofit research. We're all big-picture-meets-devil-in-the-details over here, and a whole new meta-take on nonprofit produced research is aloft!

Subcategories - Our Research Contributors have been busy creating a tres unique tag cloud for all of us research wonks. In addition to cross-referencing research in up to three issue areas, subcats let our contributors interrelate research on a much more descriptive and nuanced level. An example: browse the subcat "at-risk youth" and you'll find listings under Children and Youth, Crime and Safety, Education and Literacy, Employment and Labor, Health and Medicine, Nonprofits and Philanthropy, and Religion. Pretty cool, no?

Access subcat information by visiting our new "Browse by Subcategory" option. As well, clickable subcats now appear on any listing page that has been subcategorized. Look for these cute little subcats in the "Related Research" area on the right-side of research listing pages.

Coverage - You can now take a look at our listings from about a gazillion feet up -- literally if you like. Approximately 1,000 research listings in IssueLab's archive now include information about the geographic area covered by the research in question. Our coverage data runs the gamut from continents to neighborhoods/points-of-interest. Two ways to get geo with IssueLab:

1) Any listing that includes coverage information now includes a Google map and clickable list of locations. Click on a location and get a drill-down view of listings with similar geographic info. Or,

2) Visit our new "Browse by Coverage" option and take a trip to your favorite locale via our clickable list of geo points.


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