Monday, January 4, 2010

Call for the Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Posts About Online Outreach on a Budget

This month, IssueLab is glad to host the Nonprofit Blog Carnival! As we move into this new year with many challenges, we want to provide nonprofit communicators with ideas on doing online outreach on a budget. This means thrifty, effective Internet marketing and advocacy without big spend or big PR firms.

There's really no rule on what posts should look like. Essentially, we're looking for any advice, experience, tips, anecdotes, stories or examples of how nonprofits can do more with less. Topics might include how you find and reach constituents online, how your organization uses social media and networks to share research and knowledge, or a case study for an activism or dissemination campaign that was done on a small budget.

Bloggers can submit their posts by emailing the permalink to, or by using the Blog Carnival submission form by Thursday, January 28th. You're also welcome to send in articles written in the past. We look forward to your tips!

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